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So.  This last Saturday I drove to Crescent Lake, a pretty spot about 70 miles or so almost due north of Crater Lake.  I was to meet Sang and Grrlpup there at 3pm.  Various mis-calculations on my part meant that I didn't arrive until around 3:35pm and I was fretting somewhat, given that it seems to me one of my principal duties is to be where I say I'll be  - on time.  I need not have worried.  When I got there there was no sign of them but about ten minutes after my arrival at Whitefish Horse Camp, our proposed meeting spot, along came our intrepid pair.

It had been our intention to have two days of car camping but by Saturday afternoon the weather was cold damp and miserable and S and G made the decision - very speedily and without dissent - that we should find a nearby motel in which to spend the night and to consider our plans for Sunday night when we had a better idea of how the weather was looking.  Fortunately a very nice motel was no more than about 10 minutes away so in no time the girls were ab le to leap into a hot shower and relax on a soft bed.  When Sunday came around they decided that we should remain at the motel, do laundry, watch tv and hang out.  That was fine with me!  That evening Sang and I adjourned to a local saloon (Manley's) where we had a drink and watched some baseball and talked to the locals.  Then it was back to the motel for what we intended to be an early night.  Unfortunately, sang couldn't sleep and took a long bath.  I went to fetch her at 1:20am and se finally got to bed and to sleep.

On Monday there was the usual p[acking of packs and discussion f itinerary, routes, etc.  we finally left the motel around 1pm.  I took them to the trailhead and left them to begin their final week on the trail.  They were in good spirits though I believe neither of them will be sorry when I go to pick them up on Saturday of this week and bring them back to Portland.

That's it, really.  Not much to report because very little happened.  There are piccies of course but you will see that they are very much like the pictures from previous weeks.  I'll try to post them tomorrow.
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